Committed to Responsible Sourcing

We view each piece of wood that enters our shop as a treasured gift rather than a commodity to be taken for granted. None of the species we use is endangered, but each tree is uniquely individual and deserving of our utmost respect.

Wood Species and Coin Grade

Created™ Hardwood can source nearly any wood species on earth, but focuses on wood species native to its home in Northeastern Ohio. Local hardwoods are not only more accessible, but also feature traits that express the core values on which the brand was founded.

Each piece of Created™ Hardwood is denoted by it's coin grade; Bronze, Silver, or Gold. Coin grade does not indicate the quality of wood, but rather the character, composition, and slab selection of each piece.

Bronze Grade: VE price point, varying width multi-plank solid wood composition, made to order specification (size and species). Slab selection N/A.

Silver Grade: Mid price point, medium to high character, solid or bookmatch composition. Slab selection N/A.

Gold Grade: Premium price point, medium to high character, solid or bookmatch composition. Slab selection available, typically up to three options pending availability.

Note: Each piece of wood is unique, actual appearances may vary. Species and grades are subject to availability. Custom orders have a minimum $1,000 and custom orders under $2,000 are limited to Bronze and Silver coin grades only.

Standard Species


Light in color, Maple can vary wildly from tree to tree, ranging from highly figured grain to buttery smooth and consistent texture. Another feature of some Maple slabs are Ambrosia streaks which occur from the Ambrosia beetle which bore into the wood, leaving behind small holes and beautifully colored streaks. The frequently high contrasting hues make maple ideally suited for natural or ebonized finishes.

Standard Species


Gaining in popularity, Sycamore often features caramel coloring or even reddish hues resembling cherry. Its tell-tale “ray flecks” are the earmark characteristic of sycamore, creating a unique lacey effect across areas of its surface.

Premium Species


Similar in character to Brown Maple, Ash features very rich contrast and coloroing with a coarser grain than that of Maple. Extremely hard and durable, Ash comprises some of our most interesting tabe tops. Please note, Bronze Grade Ash is only available with straight and inverted edges.

Premium Species


One of the most well-known and abundant hardwoods, Oak has a classic coarse grain look and feel that lends itself to a wide range of applications. Available in a number of subspecies, Oak is highly versatile and lends itself well to ebonizing.

Premium Species


Like Walnut, Cherry is famous for its deep, rich coloring that darkens with age. Also features a smooth fine grain surface and light sapwood live edge.

Premium Species


Walnut is our number one bestseller, and understanably so. Coveted for its deep brownish red color, walnut exhibits a rich appearance that often features figuring and a light sapwood edge.

Premium Species


Ebonizing has become one of our most popular finishes, and with good reason. The iron acetate applied to the wood reacts with tannins to increase contrast and depth of appearance, often yielding spectacular results. It should be noted that ebonizing is unpredictable, producing a range of colors from browns to blues and even purpl es, which only adds to its allure.

Premium Species


Created Hardwood is known for crafting high-quality solid wood furniture, highlighting natural wood species and their beauty. Nevertheless, the natural color and tone of wood might not always match existing furniture pieces. In such situations, we provide alternatives. Kindly share a stain code from the link below.

Sherwin Williams Stain Colors



Created™ Hardwood prides itself on its best-in-class finish of everything we make from our largest table tops to our Edgewise division accessories. As organic material, a piece of wood is always “alive”, responding to changes in humidity and the overall environment. Accordingly, we go to great lengths to ensure not only a beautiful appearance, but also maximum durability of our products.


Created™ products are made exclusively with solid wood. Three types of composition offer flexibility of form and price point and are often determined by availability.

SOLID | Solid surfaces are comprised of a single slab of wood. Silver or Gold Grade application pending slab availability.

BOOK MATCHED | Book matched pieces use two "mirror image" consecutive slabs joined together to form a wider surface than the tree would otherwise allow. Silver or Gold Grade application pending slab availability.

PLANK | Our most inexpensive and most versatile option, plank tops consist or multiple boards of varying widths, and are available with or without live edges. Bronze Grade Application.


Different applications and styles of decor call for different product forms and designs. Our slabs can be cut to any shape or size within the original dimensions of the slab.


The silhouette of a piece often contributes to its overall beauty as much as the grain itself. While the Created™ brand was founded on the organic shape of the Live edge, other edge profiles can be used to establish a particular design style and emphasize features of a piece.


We use premium-grade sealers, varnishes and resins to produce the finest satin smooth surfaces (no moisture rings here!) and the most stable internal structures possible. We consider each piece of wood to be “perfectly imperfect” and while we embrace those imperfections, we do our part to make sure they’re as practical as they are beautiful.