As the centerpiece of your conference room, the conference table is where everyone comes together to collaborate and solve problems. Make your meeting place a more aesthetically pleasing place to be with live edge tables from Created Hardwood.

Why Buy a Live Edge or Wood Slab Conference Table?

Live edge slab tables are beautiful pieces of furniture. They start with a base design comprised of natural solid wood. The quality of live edge slab furniture from Created Hardwood is far above that of a standard piece of mass-produced commercial furniture.

The durability of our boardroom tables is unparalleled because the wood we use is strong, and our manufacturing practices allow it to remain that way. Each conference room table we create is unique and designed to stand up to real life. Our staff includes design experts who are masters in woodworking, so you get the best of both form and function.

Wood Used for Our Products

The wood Created Hardwood uses is top-notch. You’ll notice live edge tables are made from rare edge slabs from Walnut, Oak, Maple, and various other sought-after wood species. Our trees are generally sourced from within a 50-mile radius of our manufacturing plant in Dundee, Ohio.

Although we sometimes use wood from outside this vicinity, we make a promise to ourselves and customers that we never cut down trees for our residential or commercial furniture. A majority of the trees used by our plant were cut for commercial or safety purposes, and we use them so they don’t go to waste.

Where We Ship

When you choose us, you’re sure to find the perfect live edge conference room table or other commercial furniture that’s both functional and appealing. We’re firm believers in keeping production waste to a minimum, so you can feel comfortable knowing you’re choosing a company that makes the environment a priority. While our company is based in Columbus, Ohio, we ship throughout the US. Call us for pricing or more information about our products.