Whether it’s a conference table for your office, a dining table for a university’s food hall, or seating for public spaces like libraries, a solid wood communal table in any setting is a great way to bring people together. Created Hardwood can provide selections in a wide range of sizes, finishes, and styles. We also offer multiple types of hardwoods, including poplar, oak, walnut, and maple. Read more about communal table options for your space.

Benefits of Buying Hardwood or Live Edge Communal Tables

Rather than the standard, mass-produced communal tables available through many office supply stores, Created Hardwood offers you a unique hardwood or live edge option for your establishment. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, with beautiful artistry that people will enjoy every time they sit down.

Buying from Created Hardwood is also a great way to support sustainably-produced furniture. We pride ourselves on primarily using wood that’s responsibly sourced within 50 miles of our manufacturing facility in Dundee, OH. Most of the wood we use in our products comes from trees cut down with a specific purpose in mind, such as for safety reasons or commercial purposes.

Where Can You Use Communal Tables?

Although communal dining in restaurants is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you see these tables, there are several other spaces where they can be of use. For example, these tables can be great in a food hall, conference room, hotel business center or dining area, and various other commercial spaces. Their versatile beauty makes them a stylish, functional option in many settings. A beautiful solid wood or live edge table enhances the dining experience when used in a restaurant or cafeteria, as well as the social experience when used in a conference room or other meeting area.

Whether you need these tables for commercial spaces, office space or a dining hall, we can help you choose the best option and also help you pick out seating to match. Contact Created Hardwood, and let’s talk table choices today.