Live Edge Coffee Tables

Created from sought-after hardwoods such as walnut, oak, maple and sycamore, our live edge wood coffee tables can transform your living space into a bespoke oasis crafted just for you. Each piece we offer is completely unique, providing you with a one-of-a-kind piece that not only looks beautiful but is built to last.

Our live edge wood coffee tables include not only pieces that can serve as the centerpiece of your living room, but also the kind of pieces that can work great as an accent table. We have a wide variety of coffee tables available, ranging from custom live edge waterfall styles to glass top tables with interlocking solid wood bases. Depending on your size and design requirements, we've got a coffee table to fit your needs.

Our live edge wood coffee tables come in different shapes and sizes. While one of our larger coffee tables may make for a stunning statement piece in your living room, our smaller, round live edge coffee tables may be better suited in your office displaying pictures and other pieces of decor.

Why Choose Created Hardwood?

Based in Columbus, Ohio, we ship nationwide. We ensure that all the wood we use is responsibly sourced, typically within 50 miles of our Dundee, Ohio facility. We use wood that has already been cut for safety reasons or commercial purposes.

Created Hardwood is dedicated to quality craftsmanship and top-notch customer service. We take pride in the furnishings we offer our customers and ensure they're built to last a lifetime.

Each of our designs has been created to be bold, different and unique to each customer's needs and sense of style. Shop with Created Hardwood today!