For bars and restaurants, the right commercial counters, bars, or restaurant tables can make all the difference in ensuring that the ambiance is just right and your customers are comfortable. From one-of-a-kind table tops and retail counters to just the right table bases, Created Hardwood has a wide range of unique options that complement any decor.

Why Buy a Solid Wood Bar or Live Edge Bar or Counter for Your Bar or Restaurant?

You can’t get much better than a solid wood or live edge bar or counter for your bar or restaurant. The commercial tables and bars we offer are composed of hardwoods like maple, oak, sycamore, and walnut, making them incredibly beautiful and durable with exquisite artistry.

Created Hardwood operates in a way that honors the environment. We responsibly source the wood we use for our live edge table tops, bars and counters. Most of the wood in our creations comes from trees cut down for commercial or safety reasons and is mostly sourced less than 50 miles from our Dundee manufacturing facility.

Browse Our Commercial Bar Collection

Our commercial bar tables collection includes bistro sets, bars, or counters. These versatile pieces are useful for several types of dining settings, regardless of the size of the restaurant or bar. The wide range of styles in our commercial bar and table collection ensures that we have plenty of seating options to offer for every type of restaurant decor.

Give Your Bar or Restaurant a Fresh, Natural Look

Whether you are opening a new bar or restaurant or want a fresh look for your existing establishment, our sturdy wood commercial tables, bars and counters offer style as well as durability. Plus, our wood slab table tops and other high-quality hardwood pieces lend your space a natural elegance that you just can’t get from mass-produced commercial furniture.

Contact Created Hardwood for more information about our table selections, advice about what would be ideal for your decor, and details about our nationwide shipping options.