Commercial Desks

Whatever your business may be, a live-edge desk can add to your space's aesthetic appeal and provide functional use for many years. At Created Hardwood, you will find a variety of desk sizes to suit your needs, each desk a piece of solid wood furniture and a work of art.

Why Buy a Live-Edge or Wood Slab Desk?

The beauty of a live-edge or wood slab desk is unparalleled. The quality of each piece is outstanding; each one would enhance the look of your office area and withstand the test of time. We offer different types of desks but each is handmade, and that's apparent when you look at the details and craftsmanship. Every desk and all our conference tables are unique due to their natural wood composition.

We carry a wide variety of solid wood furniture and even offer adjustable desks. Our adjustable-height desks allow people of almost any stature to find a comfortable fit for them. Our real wood desktops can be paired with a variety of sought-after base options.

Our solid wood desks and every piece of furniture we create comes from in-demand hardwoods, such as maple, walnut, sycamore and oak. Whether you're looking for a wide-plank, solid wood desktop or a simple wooden desk, you will find high-quality furniture with remarkable artistry in our wide selection.

Why Choose Created Hardwood?

As a desk manufacturer, we value the environment and do our part to protect the planet by using responsibly sourced wood only. We never cut down trees solely for our furniture. Instead, we use wood that other companies cut down, usually for commercial or safety purposes. All our wood is from the local area, mainly taken from within 50 miles of Dundee, Ohio, which is the location of our manufacturing facility.

We’re based in Columbus, Ohio, and we ship our products nationwide. Let us provide you with a beautiful desk that’s as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing!