Why Buy Hardwood and Live Edge Chairs and Other Hardwood Commercial Seating?

At Created Hardwood, we take pride in our commercial seating options. They provide comfortable seating for employees and clients, and they enhance the visual appeal of office spaces and other commercial settings. If you’re looking for restaurant dining chairs for your dining establishment, our seating offers elegance as well as durability. No matter which type of seating you choose from our wide selection, our hardwood and live edge chairs, stools and sofas have a unique look that goes with many types of decor.

Types of Commercial Seating We Offer

Created Hardwood carries many seating products that are perfect for business areas, including dining areas and waiting rooms. That versatility comes from our wide variety of commercial chairs and other seating options, which includes everything from commercial dining chairs and lounge chairs to sofas and bar stools. All are available in different grades and types of wood, such as walnut and maple, and many styles come with padded cushions for extra comfort and support.

About the Wood We Use

We take great care in sourcing our wood responsibly and sustainably. It usually comes from within 50 miles of our manufacturing facility in Dundee, Ohio. Our commitment to responsible sourcing means we never cut down trees solely for our own purposes. Instead, we mostly use trees that came down for safety reasons or commercial uses.

From our shipping facility in Columbus, Ohio, we send our commercial furniture pieces nationwide. Trust Created Hardwood to bring solid wood and live edge furniture with modern designs that add sophistication to your commercial space. Try us today, so you can enjoy the beauty and quality of our hardwood commercial seating.