Live Edge Bars and Counters

A natural-edge bar counter with bar stools can add character to your kitchen or bar. And there are many ways to use our bars and counters, topped with live-edge slabs! Imagine the style a high-quality wood counter or bar would add to a basement gaming area or a wet bar in your living room or rec room.

Our high-end furniture consists of pieces that will last for years to come, retaining their stately appearance as they age. Use our handmade furniture as a place to prepare food, a breakfast nook for the family or an area to entertain.

Why Buy a Solid Wood or Live-Edge Bar, Counter or Kitchen Island?

Our residential bar collection includes live-edge bar tops, console tables and kitchen islands. Our pieces will refine your home's overall aesthetics with their striking natural beauty.

Each kitchen island, wood bar or counter is of the utmost quality. Although our products are one-of-a-kind works of art, they are also durable and able to withstand normal wear and tear. The artistry of each piece will wow you and any company you entertain. Since each piece of furniture comes from natural wood, each is unique with its own grain, essentially its own story.

Our homemade pieces consist of highly sought-after woods, including oak, maple, walnut and sycamore.

Why Shop With Us?

Created Hardwood uses only responsibly sourced wood found within a 50-mile radius of Dundee, Ohio. The trees used are ones that have been taken down for safety reasons or commercial purposes, never for the sole purpose of creating our furniture.

Fortunately, while located in Columbus, Ohio, we ship throughout the nation, giving people in all 50 states access to beautiful, handmade furniture and countertops. Shop with us today and beautify your home with the look of live-edge wood furniture!