For the love of wood.

It’s a proverb as old as the trees themselves: Find something you love and do it well. Well we did, and we are, and we couldn’t be happier.

Perfectly imperfect.

Now more than ever wood slabs are gaining popularity for their beauty, individuality, and durability. At CREATED™ Hardwood we take all three of these attributes very seriously, responsibly sourcing trees which possess the best of each.

Conditions such as mineral deposits and density of the soil, temperature, and seasonal severity experienced during the tree's lifetime all contribute in defining the personality of each piece, making it beautiful in its own special way.

The Amish craftsmen at CREATED™ Hardwood pick up where nature leaves off, utilizing a proprietary 8-day drying process to showcase and preserve each slab in its natural state, virtually unchanged from the time of harvest. Furthermore, the brevity of processing allows for higher volume and, in turn, greater variety of inventory to satisfy every taste and style preference.

Our slabs are delivered in a various levels of finish; from raw and unsanded, to satin lacquered. Choose from a wide assortment of custom bases, legs and hardware accessories, designed to complement each slab without distraction.

Or leave it to our artisans to create a masterpiece for any application, none too big or too small.

Faster and better.

When it comes to the manufacturing of most goods, you sacrifice speed for quality and vice versa. But CREATED™ Hardwood utilizes a groundbreaking drying technology which combines vacuum pressure and water heating in kilns which not only dry the slabs 15 times faster, but also make them flatter, straighter and more colorfast than ever before. If that weren’t enough, the kilns also use 40% less energy than conventional drying, ensuring greater sustainability.

This process allows CREATED to offer the largest selection of high quality slabs at the best price. We’re convinced that this is the best processing method available, and once you see the results we know you will be too.